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The Henry L. Ferguson Museum LIVE Osprey Cam.

The Osprey Cam on the Main Road east of Middle Farms Flats (Driving Range) was re-installed atop its pole by the FI Utility Co. on March 6, 2020 after a winter in storage.

The Museum web cam connects viewers to the intimate life cycle of our osprey neighbors. Watch the unfolding action over time as the eggs hatch, the male delivers eagerly awaited food to the nest, and the female broods the young. Approximately 55 days after hatching, the chicks will fledge with feathers and wing muscles that are developed enough for flight. We hope that this window on their world will inspire further conservation efforts on Fishers Island.

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Standing Guard over young Osprey at Middle Farms Nest, June 22, 2020. Screen capture by Vicki Rafferty.

Battery Wooster, former site of two 8-inch disappearing guns, Fort Mansfield, Napatree Point, R.I. , circa 2011. Photo by John Leuba.


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