The third osprey egg at our Middle Farms nest has hatched! On the morning of June 5, 2023, we were able to confirm three osprey chicks with the web cam.

Special thanks to Vicki Rafferty for helping to compile the highlights of screen captures and video segments below.

Mother osprey feeding three chicks June 5, 2023. Screen capture courtesy of Vicki Rafferty.

During this video segment from the morning of June 5, mom osprey gets up and picks up a piece of egg shell, then around 9:42:15 three chicks can be seen with heads bobbing below her.

Shortly before noon on June 5th, dad osprey returns to the nest with fish. Mom osprey feeds the three chicks during this first feeding for the youngest.

While the youngest osprey sleeps off it’s first meal, the older siblings play.

Shortly before 6pm on June 5th, dad osprey brings another fish for the second feeding with the new chick by mom.

At the end of this evening feeding from June 5th, all three chicks seem exhausted.

While the chicks rest, mom continues to tend the nest. During this clip, she moves a piece of the eggshell again and cleans some scraps before nestling the three chicks.

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We hope you have enjoyed this window into the world of osprey on Fishers Island.