Named in honor of a man who devoted his entire life to the civic and business affairs of Fishers Island.

The mission of The Henry L. Ferguson Museum is the collection, preservation and exhibition of items of Prehistory, History and Natural History of Fishers Island and, through its Land Trust, the preservation in perpetuity of undeveloped property in its natural state. It is organized for the education and enjoyment of the Island’s community and visitors and for the protection of habitat for the Island’s flora and fauna.

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Museum Programs & Activities

In addition to maintaining its extensive collections, the H.L. Ferguson Museum offers annual exhibits, talks, children’s programs and nature trails.

The Museum open its doors each summer with regular visiting hours beginning June.
For special appointments before June 26th and after Labor Day, please contact Pierce Rafferty, HLFM Director, at the Museum’s landline, 631-788-7239, or fimuseum@fishersisland.net.

The Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition

co-management, shared learning, communication, and building trust

Meet Our Board President & Our Staff

Working together to support the mission of the Museum.

Elizabeth McCance


As a descendant of Henry Ferguson, I have deep roots to Fishers Island and proud to be a part of educating the community and preserving the Land Trust. The Museum reminds us all of our rich history and many natural assets.

Pierce Rafferty

Museum Director

My passion is history and Fishers Island has plenty of it. Being more than slightly obsessive, much of my time at and away from work is spent focusing on ferreting out and revealing new facets of Fishers Island’s history. For example, the day I stumbled upon documents chronicling the New York State legislature’s attempts to buy Fishers Island and move Sing Sing prison here from “up the river” in Ossining was my definition of a perfect day.

Mary Linda Strunk

Administrative Assistant

I’m a life-long resident of Fishers Island and a graduate of the Fishers Island School. I worked for the Island’s Post Office for 37 years, 28 of those as Post Master. Even though I’ve lived on the island my whole life, working at the Museum has been an eye opening experience and has taught me a great many things about our history that I just didn’t know.

Jack Schneider

Land Trust Stewardship Coordinator

I have been inspired by nature since childhood and studied zoology and ecology in college and graduate school. My goal is to engage people with nature and foster an understanding of the natural history of Fishers Island, and the unique lands conserved by the Museum.

Hannah Vagts

F.I. Seagrass Management Coordinator

My research experience in marine biodiversity will support my work to develop awareness building initiatives for the Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition Plan.