A third chick was confirmed June 3rd by the Osprey Cam!

While osprey mom feeds the other two chicks, the newest chick can be see popping up briefly in the foreground.

The following clips captured some moments from the first few days after the third egg hatched.

JUNE 3, 2024. Shortly after noon, dad delivered fish and checked on the chicks. He leaves soon after, and while mom feeds the two chicks in the background, the third chick can be seen popping up slightly above the sticks in the foreground (around 12:26:06 and 12:26:30).

JUNE 4, 2024. Dad delivers more fish and mom feeds all three chicks.

JUNE 6, 2024. While mom was briefly away, we captured a great view of the three chicks in the nest.

We hope you have enjoyed this window into the world of osprey on Fishers Island.