The female osprey at Middle Farms nest has laid her first egg of the year.

Thanks to help from Vicki Rafferty we believe it was shortly after 2 PM on April 24, 2023. During the first day, both osprey took turns tending to the egg and the nest. The video clips below highlight some of the activities.

We typically see 2-3 eggs on Middle Farms nest each year, so we are expecting more in the coming days. Click for more information on Osprey Nesting Facts.

This screen capture provided by Vicki Rafferty shows the father osprey looking at the egg.

CONTRACTIONS – Shortly after 2 PM on April 24, the female osprey appeared to be having contractions.

FIRST EGG – Around 2:20 PM on April 24th the new mother gets up and carefully tends to her egg below. Within a couple minutes the male (or possibly another osprey) attempts to land and she swats it away.

PROVIDING FISH – In this clip the male brings a fish to the nest around 3:30 PM, but the female gets up and tends to the egg. He gets his first up-close viewing, then leaves with fish.

CHANGING OF THE GUARD – Shortly after leaving with the fish, the male returns and takes his first shift incubating the egg.

NEST TENDING – This clip from the early evening on the 24th shows the male osprey continues to bring nesting materials.

DEFENDING THE NEST – This clip begins with another changing of the guard during the early afternoon on April 25th, but after the female leaves with fish provided to her, another osprey tries to land on the nest. The female returns to defend the nest while the male chases the osprey away. The female then leaves (to eat the fish) and male returns to caring for the egg.

We hope you have enjoyed this window into the world of osprey on Fishers Island.