Osprey Update June 30th

All five osprey on the Middle Farms nest mid afternoon, June 28, 2024.

In the first 10 days after the third osprey chick hatched from the egg, the bigger chicks usually ate first, but as their appetites grew, the littlest chick had to get more aggressive to try to get a fair share. Then, after the #2 chick went hungry too many times, it became more and more aggressive toward the little one. The following video clips capture some of the nest activity through the end of June as the first chick grew significantly larger and the other two sometimes went hungry.

JUNE 13, 2024. After going hungry in an earlier feeding, the littlest chick gets aggressive and even pecks at the biggest chick.

JUNE 19, 2024. Both smaller chicks eat well during this feeding since the #1 chick was full from an earlier one.

JUNE 25, 2024. The three osprey chicks watch mom return from one of her brief trips away to gather nest materials.

JUNE 25, 2024. In this extended clip, the littlest chick attempts to stand up to #2, then the #1 chick practices moving sticks and testings its wings. Mom keeps watch and defends the nest, and eventually all chicks settle down to rest together.

JUNE 28, 2024. Mom defends the nest, then the littlest chick gets up and squawks too – until the #2 chick threatens it.

JUNE 28, 2024. Dad osprey delivers another fish but #2 refuses to let the little one eat, so dad leaves but returns later with remains.

JUNE 29, 2024. After the little chick suffered multiple attacks by #2, mom takes a break from feeding so the little one tries to self feed and #1 watches.

JUNE 29, 2024. Dad delivers another fish and the biggest chick tries to self feed.

JUNE 29, 2024. After the biggest chick gives up, #2 tries to self feed.

JUNE 30, 2024. Mom delivers more nest materials then defends the nest. The little one squawks too while other chicks watch.

We hope you have enjoyed this window into the world of osprey on Fishers Island.