The second osprey egg at our Middle Farms nest has hatched! On the morning of June 3, 2023, we were able to capture the second osprey chick on the web cam.

Special thanks to Vicki Rafferty for helping to compile the highlights of screen captures and video segments below. We expect the third egg to hatch within the next couple of days.

Mother osprey with egg shell on June 3, 2023. Screen capture courtesy of Vicki Rafferty.

During this video segment from early morning on June 3, mom osprey gets up and the first chick can be seen in front, then the second chick can be seen in back and appears to be completing the hatch. Mom leaves and returns with dad who views the new chick as he retrieves the fish remains.

Dad osprey returns to the nest with fish about a half hour after the second chick arrived on June 3rd. While the new chick is not yet ready to eat, we can see the head bobbing while mom and the first chick feed.

By the third feeding on June 3, the second osprey chick is strong enough to eat. Both little ones seem to get their fill and appear ready for another nap before mom finishes eating. (Note the egg shell when mom gets up.)

Two down, and one to go! Mom feeds herself during this clip and leaves the nest briefly before moving a piece of egg shell aside as she settles back down to nestle the chicks and incubate her third egg.

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We hope you have enjoyed this window into the world of osprey on Fishers Island.