The first confirmed sighting of a male osprey from the Museum webcam was on March 26, 2024.

A male osprey landed on the nest at Middle Farms during the morning of March 26, 2024.

The Museum received a report by Richard Marshall of a male osprey sighting at Middle Farms nest on March 26th. The video segments below capture some highlights of that morning beginning with the male’s initial arrival about 6:56 am and the subsequent greeting by the female shortly after. Though their first hour together was mostly uneventful, the male began performing maintenance on the nest around 8:11 am and the female joined in. For the rest of the morning, there were various comings-and-goings, gathering of nesting materials, mating attempts and a brief battle with another osprey – an eventful morning at the osprey nest!

The male osprey makes his first appearance of the season at Middle Farms nest, and is greeted by the female shortly after.

After about an hour of rest, the male begins tending the nest and the female joins in.

A chase! Then a battle can be heard beyond the camera view.

The male osprey returns shortly after the battle.

The male osprey smiles for the camera during one trip away from the nest.

One of the mating ritual performances of the morning, followed by nest tending.

The male osprey provides nesting materials during multiple trips to the nest on March 26, 2024.

We hope you have enjoyed this window into the world of osprey on Fishers Island.