As the osprey chicks grew stronger mid-June, the battle for the pecking order grew. Initially the two older chicks fought each other, but when the littlest one got bigger (and hungrier), it received the brunt of the attacks.

The following video clips capture some of the battles from June 15, 2023 – June 26, 2023 along with some of the more peaceful times. Please be warned that some of the content may be difficult to watch. Mom osprey does not intervene and focuses feedings on the larger chicks, but she tries to feed the little one when the others are full, if there is enough to go around. Hopefully dad will be able to provide more frequent feedings soon.

The littlest osprey chick tries to stand up to the bigger chicks on June 25th, 2023.

JUNE 15, 2023: In this clip, the second hatchling is lightly pecking the little one and the little one stumbles. The first hatchling notices and attacks #2.

JUNE 16, 2023: While mom is away briefly, #1 osprey chick attacks #2 and a battle ensues. They both tumble to the middle of the nest and struggle to get back up. Mom returns and tries to help, but it takes a few minutes more for the chicks to get back on their feet.

JUNE 17, 2023: An osprey family portrait at Middle Farms nest.

JUNE 17, 2023: In between feedings and well rested, the osprey chicks get up and hang out together for a while.

JUNE 20, 2023: The two bigger osprey chicks continue to battle for dominance. #1 wins this battle.

JUNE 20, 2023: When the littlest osprey chick begins to get a bigger appetite, #1 teaches it the pecking order and reminds #2.

JUNE 20, 2023: Once the bigger osprey chicks are full, the little one usually gets its turn, but mom checks to make sure the others are done.

JUNE 20, 2023: Three osprey chicks hanging with mom.

JUNE 20, 2023: Despite the now regular peckings by the oldest chick, the little one keeps trying and sometimes refuses to back down.

JUNE 23, 2023: After days of brutalizing the littlest chick, the oldest osprey also attacks the middle chick.

JUNE  23, 2023: Soon after the morning feeding ended, the middle chick retaliates and appears to win this battle.

JUNE  24, 2023: During the night, the osprey chicks snuggle together.

JUNE 25, 2023: The middle osprey chick begins to assert dominance over the little one, escalating the attacks it endures daily.

JUNE 25, 2023: The little one goes on the offensive and pecks the biggest chick, but then takes a beating from #2. Soon after, it tries to retaliate but suffers another severe beating.

JUNE 25, 2023: The chicks hanging out with mom.

JUNE 26, 2023: The three osprey chicks hanging out while mom is away.

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