Third osprey egg confirmed on Middle Farms nest

Shortly after noon on April 30, 2023 the female osprey appeared to be having contractions. Around 12:08, she gets up and though it is difficult to see the first two eggs in the foreground, the new egg becomes more visible when she nudges it into the light. It wasn’t until the next day, May 1st, that we were able to confirm for certain there were 3 eggs on the nest.

Thanks to Vicki Rafferty for the screen captures that helped us capture the exciting event!


This video clip from April 30, 2023 captures the female osprey having contractions, then getting up, revealing the new egg.

On the morning of May 1, 2023 we get a glimpse of three eggs when mom gets up to stop dad (or another osprey) from landing. A few minutes later we see the eggs again when she briefly leaves the nest.

Later in the morning on May 1st, we catch another glimpse of the three eggs being defended.

Around 11:31 on May 1st, we get a clearer view to confirm there are three osprey eggs at Middle Farms nest.

We hope you have enjoyed this window into the world of osprey on Fishers Island.