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Please follow these guidelines for safe use of the Museum Land Trust trail system.

  • Please clean up after your dogs as a courtesy to other trail walkers.
  • If you see a problem when you are on one of the Land Trust Trails, please report the details to us.

Did You Know? You can walk on Museum trails that run contiguously from the south side of the island to the north?

The Land Trust Nature Trails are for members of the Fishers Island community and visitors who enjoy nature walks and wish to better appreciate the diverse flora and fauna of Fishers Island. The trails are marked with white rectangular markers featuring the Museum’s osprey logo. They are maintained by Board members and volunteers.


F.I. Sketchbook 2005


In the full sweep of Fishers Island’s history, there is no artist more synonymous, more closely associated with Fishers Island than Charles B. “Charlie” Ferguson. The main show features images from two of Charlie's sketchbooks which functioned as illustrated diaries that were filled with daily activities, nature observations, personal notes, and lots of art—drawings, sketches, and watercolors—in various states of completion.

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