During the first week after the third egg hatched at Middle Farms, mom and dad osprey continued their efforts to tend and defend the nest. The feedings increased significantly and the chicks grew stronger each day.

The following video clips and images capture some of the nest activity from June 7, 2023 – June 12, 2023 including some roughhousing by the chicks.

Mother osprey feeding chicks on June 9, 2023. Screen capture courtesy of Vicki Rafferty.

Osprey parents defending the chicks on June 7, 2023.

Dad osprey brings a stick to the nest on June 7th for some tending.

In the first days the chicks were mostly nestled beneath mom when they weren’t feeding, but this clip from June 7th captures one peeking out.

Mother osprey tries not to step on the chicks as she tends the nest during the early afternoon on June 7th.

Osprey chicks pecking on June 7th.

Dad osprey brings a fish to the nest on the morning of June 8, but before mom has a chance to feed, it flops onto the chicks.

The osprey chicks are exhausted after a feeding on June 8th.

This segment form June 8th captures the osprey parents working together to tend the nest with seaweed after mom brought in a twig with green leaves earlier and dad delivered a large stick.

During one of the morning feedings on June 8th, mom becomes distressed and leaves with the fish a couple times, and returns. It appears from the ongoing squawking and shadows in the background that dad may be chasing the unseen attacker as she resumes feeding.

One of the chicks lands a knock-down peck on June 8th but mom checks to make sure it is fine.

Calm seems restored later in the day on June 8th as mom nestles the chicks.

Mid morning on June 9th, dad osprey brings more seaweed to the nest and mom initially gets up and helps but then moves to the side of the nest and chirps as he tends. The activity awakens the chicks.

More roughhousing by the osprey chicks captured on June 9th.

During the morning of June 10th, mom osprey gets up and swats away an oncoming osprey. (Or maybe dad without the fish remains he scavenged from the nest earlier?)

During one of the morning feedings on June 10th, the older osprey chicks are distracted by dad so the little chick gets fed first. Note the bunny hopping along the roadside at the end.

The roughhousing extends to mom on June 10th, when one of the chicks tries picking a fight with her after pecking the others.

Dad surfs onto the nest with some bark for more tending on June 11th.

“Timber.” The youngest osprey takes a tumble during a feeding on June 12th, but gets back up and later gets more fish.

The osprey chicks hanging out at the nest while mom is away briefly on June 12th.

On June 12th, one of the osprey chicks snuggles the youngest during nap time while mom preens her feathers.

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Screen captures courtesy of Vicki Rafferty.

We hope you have enjoyed this window into the world of osprey on Fishers Island.