Conversion of Fort Wright’s Building 100
into Creative Workspace

We took on the Ordnance project with two goals in mind – to restore the architectural dignity of the building, and to create a space that serves islanders.

Over the last few years, we have made considerable progress towards the first goal. We have nearly completed the restoration of the shell of the building, with major structural repairs, a new insulated roof and windows, and new doors that will be installed this summer. Once the building is closed in, we will install new mechanical systems and begin to shape the interior spaces while retaining the warehouse scale and character of the building. With the goal of making the building as sustainable as possible we will be generating as much of the energy needs of the building on site with photo-voltaic panels on the roof.

Our second goal is to create spaces that will further support creative endeavors on the island and establish a welcoming public space that is a resource to all islanders. While still a ‘work in progress,’ we are planning for spaces that will provide creative workspace for Lighthouse Works fellows, and hopefully other Island organizations and initiatives. We hope the Ordnance will expand the cultural resources of the island and complement other Island organizations including Lighthouse Works, the Community Center, the Museum and the Movie Theater.

We are excited by the possibility that the site can be part of a future public walkway along the coastline from the Ferry Dock to the Race.

Mary and Brad Burnham

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