Conversion of Fort Wright’s Building 57
into Private Living and Work Space

After first visiting Fishers in 2008, we felt immediately attracted to the power of its landscape, the unique and complex character of the island and were especially drawn to the underappreciated area around Silver Eel Cove. We also learned that one of the properties of Caroline Cleveland’s estate was available. While Building 57 was a wreck, without electricity, plumbing, had most all windows broken, holes in the floor and basement flooded, we were in awe of the scale, the openness, the strength and potential and so rather impetuously, we made an offer. This was far more space than we needed, but we felt the building had to be honored, brought back to life, and made stable.

In the intervening years and as we learned more about Fishers, our Silver Eel Cove Community and the warehouse itself, we have made small modifications, always attempting to keep its spirit intact. Only 20% of the total square footage is heated, the rest is seasonal and “open.”

These past three months we have lived in our warehouse Building 57 and worked “on island,” without departing.

It has been an incredible experience and it is ever evolving.

Purchase date 2008…principal enclosure 2010, additional alterations, ongoing.

~ Tod Williams Billie Tsien and Family

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Silver Eel Building Conversion Galleries