Fishers Island Hotel Brochures, 1890’s – 1940’s

“There isn’t a dull moment for anyone who cares to: walk or drive, sail row or fish, play golf, tennis or croquet, billiards, pool, etc .”

“No greater physical enjoyment need be asked for than that of breathing so pure an atmosphere, looking upon so fair a landscape, and listening to the rhythmical cadences of the undulating waves. The scene is a synonym for peace, serenity and repose, its very isolation lending a kind of fairy enchantment to the picture.”

“Mononotto Inn”

published circa 1896

“Mononotto Inn, Fishers Island, Suffolk County, N.Y.”

published circa 1906

“Fisher’s Island –The Mansion House and the Munnatawket Hotel and Cottages”

published circa 1906

“Fisher’s Island—Mansion House and Cottages,” published circa 1910.

“Fishers Island—Mansion House and Cottages”

published circa 1917

“Fishers Island, N.Y. on Sea and Sound”

published by G.L. Thompson, 1922

“Fishers Island – Mansion House & Cottages”

published circa 1930s

“Mansion House and Cottages, Fishers Island New York”

published circa 1940