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By joining and becoming members of the Museum, you are ensuring the continuation of an institution that is dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of all aspects of Fishers Island’s history, as well as the continued growth and maintenance of the Museum’s Land Trust. We couldn’t survive without your annual support. We thank you for:

  • Serving as ambassadors for the Museum’s mission
  • Providing support for our existing programs and activities, including our illustrated lecture series, weekly childrens programs and guided nature walks.
  • Working to keep the Land Trust Trails clipped, clear and safe.
  • Gifting Fishers Island-related objects, documents and photographs to our collection.
  • Helping us fulfill our fundamental goal of educating future generations about the importance of protecting habitat for the Island’s flora and fauna.

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GiftAmount Support Category
$25 Sandpiper
$50 Tern
$100 Oystercatcher
$250 Snowy Egret
$500 Great BLue Heron
$1,000 Osprey
$5,000 Great Horned Owl
$________ Other

Please indicate if you wish to have your donation allocated to support Land Trust efforts.

Offline Donations

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation, please make your check payable to “H. L. Ferguson Museum” and mail to:

The Henry L. Ferguson Museum
PO Box 554
Fishers Island, NY 06390


All securities eligible for Depository Trust Company (DTC) should be delivered to:

Fidelity Investments
DTC #0226
Acct # 637-131392
Acct Name: Henry L Ferguson Museum, Inc.

Questions Regarding Stock Transfers to HLFM:

Please Contact:

Elizabeth Reese
Northeast Financial
PO Box 2630
Westport, CT 06880
Telephone: (203) 226-8997
Fax: (203) 222-9105

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Carry on Ken’s passion toward the island’s wildlife.

Gifts to the Museum’s Collections


F.I. Sketchbook 2005


In the full sweep of Fishers Island’s history, there is no artist more synonymous, more closely associated with Fishers Island than Charles B. “Charlie” Ferguson. The main show features images from two of Charlie's sketchbooks which functioned as illustrated diaries that were filled with daily activities, nature observations, personal notes, and lots of art—drawings, sketches, and watercolors—in various states of completion.

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