Nature Notes: Birds, Plants & Fish of Fort H.G. Wright

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Excerpted from: Birds, Plants & Fish of Fort H.G. Wright by the late Edwin Horning [1998]. Silver Eel Cove: Island climate; plants, animals, and folks around the docks Docks on Silver Eel Cove with Pump House in background, circa 2001. “Silver Eel Cove” (where the Fishers Island ferries dock) was a pond before

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The Snakes of Fishers Island – Part 1

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Nature Notes by Terry McNamara Northern Black Racer adult When you walk on Fishers Island during the summer months, you’re likely to encounter a snake or two in the fields or open woodlands. Turn over a few rocks, and you might find a few more. You’ll probably get no more than the briefest

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Increasing and Decreasing Birds

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Nature Notes Excerpted from “Rocks, Plants, Birds and People of Fishers Island” [1999] by the late Edwin Horning Eastern Screech Owl Birds No Longer Nesting or Decreasing Barn Owl: This owl once nested in the old ice house on the shore of Middle Farm Pond. The last time that it nested there was

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Nature Notes: Invasive Crabs on Fishers Island

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by Terry McNamara The crab species most of us are familiar with on Fishers Island is the green crab (Carcinus maenas). On the docks on the Fishers Island Sound side of the island, countless crabs have been hauled from the water with drop lines by youngsters. On the south side of the island these crabs

NATURE NOTES: Fresh Water Turtles of Fishers Island

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Fresh Water Turtles of Fishers Island by Penni Sharp Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) On any sunny spring or summer day, anyone passing by one of Fishers Island’s freshwater ponds may catch a glimpse of turtles basking on an exposed rock or fallen tree. These turtles are most likely to be painted turtles (Chrysemys

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Ferns of Fishers Island

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Cinnamon fern (Osmunda cinnamomea). HLFM Sanctuary, 5/15/13. Ferns of Fishers Island by Penni Sharp Fishers Island is a botanically diverse island with a number of different habitat types supporting different plant communities. Nearly 1000 species of vascular plants were identified in a 2003 study of the island flora. The flora of Fishers Island

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The Piping Plover

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2011 Nature Notes Two years ago, a bird not seen at Fishers Island for a number of years, returned. The bird was the Piping plover (Charadrius melodus), a federally threatened species in the Atlantic region. During the 1970s, the island supported a small colony of this species near Middle Farms; however, habitat change and other causes resulted in the disappearance of this bird from Fishers.

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Owls of Fishers Island

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2010 Nature Notes For a relatively small island, Fishers has a thriving owl population. Owls are sighted frequently and often heard calling at dusk and during the night. In southern New England, the Barred Owl (Strix varia) is the most common large owl. This holds true on Fishers Island as well and many of us have seen or heard this owl with its distinctive eight-note call and/or its several variations.

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The Wood Warblers: Sprightly ‘Butterflies’ of the Bird World

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2009 Nature Notes The month of May brings with it the assurance that spring is fully underway. The landscape is fresh and green and the woodland wildflowers make their appearance, capitalizing on the sunlight that filters to the forest floor. Insects, some more welcomed than others, reappear.

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Young Eastern Painted Turtle on lily pad, the Peninsula, Darby’s Cove
Photograph by Terry McNamara

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