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Ferns of Fishers Island

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Cinnamon fern (Osmunda cinnamomea). HLFM Sanctuary, 5/15/13. Ferns of Fishers Island by Penni Sharp Fishers Island is a botanically diverse island with a number of different habitat types supporting different plant communities. Nearly 1000 species of vascular plants were identified in a 2003 study of the island flora. The flora of Fishers Island

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2013 Newsletter: From the President

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Spring couldn’t have come soon enough for many of us this year, particularly given the winter storms that came our way. The winter of 2013 seemed endless at times, and the island saw its share of snow for more days than usual for our coastal climate. Spring at Fishers arrived on schedule with its

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Osprey “Edwin” is “Tagged”

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Hooded “Edwin” Fitted with Transmitter. 5/11/13. Photo by John Ski. Osprey “Edwin” is “Tagged” by Pierce Rafferty Rob Bierregaard, a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Department of Biology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, came to Fishers Island on May 11, 2013 at the invitation of the HLFM to “tag” an osprey with

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Osprey Studies in the Age of Silicon

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Birds are quite literally both marvelous and wonderful. We marvel, with no small dose of envy, at their ability to fly, and we wonder, among many other things, what happens to so many of them in the winter. For millennia, the mysteries of migration—Where do birds go? How do they find their way to

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Dr. Ralph Hoch leading the 1978 Memorial Day parade from a red MG driven by Eddie White. Photo by Charlie Morgan.


The main show chronicles many aspects of the Island’s year-round community with a focus on work, school activities, recreation, and annual events that help bring the Island together.


Later this year an expanded version of the 2023 Annual Exhibition and the two special exhibitions can be viewed virtually on this website.

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