Fort Wright Quartermaster List

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U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps records for buildings at Fort H.G. Wright, Harbor Defenses of Long Island Sound (HDLIS), published circa 1941. Although difficult to wade through, this document is extremely useful if you are attempting to research the history of a given building or structure that was located at Fort H.G. Wright prior

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Native Americans On Fishers Island Booklet

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Amateur archaeologist H.L. Ferguson at site on Fishers Island, 1930s. New booklet examines life for the Native Americans on Fishers Island before John Winthrop, Jr., arrived… Native Americans on Fishers Island is a booklet that explores how archaeological discoveries on Fishers Island illuminate the lives of the people who lived here

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WWI Service: Howard Best

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Howard W. Best 1907-1919 Coast Artillery, 7th Reg/52nd, First Sergeant Acted as supply officer for 2nd Battalion 44th Artillery. Went into action April 18, 1918, continued in the line until ordered home for additional troops November 7, 1918. Was in 4 major operations and in the three

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1935 FIHS Yearbook, The Islander

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1935 The Islander Published by Fishers Island High School We present to you this fifth edition of "The Islander" and hope that it may show over its predecessors improvements which keep in step with the improvements of our school. On behalf of the staff

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WWI Military Records of Fishers Islanders

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WWI Military Records of Fishers Islanders Military Service Records from World War I, such as this one of Howard W. Best, were written in the hand of the soldiers themselves after returning stateside, or in the hand of fellow soldiers when the ultimate sacrifice was made, provide a window on a world that

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F.I. Sketchbook 2005


In the full sweep of Fishers Island’s history, there is no artist more synonymous, more closely associated with Fishers Island than Charles B. “Charlie” Ferguson. The main show features images from two of Charlie's sketchbooks which functioned as illustrated diaries that were filled with daily activities, nature observations, personal notes, and lots of art—drawings, sketches, and watercolors—in various states of completion.

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