10. Chocomount Cove Trail

The Chocomount Cove Sanctuary on the opposite side of the road from Bull Rock was added to the Museum’s Land Trust in 2017. It completes the northern link of a wildlife corridor with walking trails that stretches through diverse habitats from the south shore of Fishers Island facing Block Island Sound to the north shore facing Fishers Island Sound.

Parking is available where the Treasure Pond and Chocomount trails meet on Treasure Pond Road. From the parking area, there are two routes into the Sanctuary. You can double back up Treasure Pond Road and enter the western-most entrance just across the main road, or you can head east on the Chocomount Trail past the large kettle swamp to a turn off marked “Chocomount Trail Sanctuary.” After reaching the Recreation Path, walk left (west) toward Bull Rock and you’ll see the entrances across the main road.

There is usually a sizable population of Black-capped Chickadees present as you are walking uphill into the Sanctuary. The heavily wooded area—Red Maple and Black Cherry trees dominate—transitions into an open grassland. The approach to the waterfront through the meadow affords wonderful views of Fishers Island Sound. A large American White Birch is standing in the field.

Dragonflies and other insect species will compete with Yellow Warblers for your attention. A short path through the shrubs that parallel the waterfront leads to a scenic sandy beach. There is also a small marsh, created by freshwater runoff, at the west end of the beach. Birdlife abounds on both the cove and in the adjacent shrub line.

To return to the parking area, you can either retrace your steps, or take the alternative route not previously taken.