The Museum Begins Second Floor Renovation Project

The Museum has commissioned a new plan to bring our unfinished second floor into more active use as a reference/research area for visitors and as a site for programming of all types. At our October 2013 meeting, the HLFM board voted to move forward with finished architectural plans from Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Boston, Mass.

In addition to new reference and research areas, a finished second floor allows us to host lectures and presentations for approximately 60 people within the Museum rather than at borrowed venues. The plan below shows how this in-house seating will be arranged. Please note that these stackable chairs will be stored out of sight when not in use.

The open space on the second floor will also greatly increase program flexibility while attracting visitors to both floors of the HLFM. Finally, the renovation will yield additional gallery space on side walls, and dedicated storage space, primarily along the north wall nearest the News Cafe. In addition to the main stairway, access and egress will be provided by a lift or elevator.

We have recently received generous grants from the Thompson Family Foundation and the McCance Foundation that have launched our fundraising for this project. We hope that all “Friends of the Museum” will join in and support this dynamic expansion of the Museum’s active public space.