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Slithering Snakes

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Family Program Snakes aren’t scary, despite how they are often portrayed in stories! Participants will see live snakes and learn more about their important role in the environment. DPNC family program for ages 5 & up. Wednesday, July 22, 2020. Time: 2 to 2:40 p.m. Virtual Program, advance registration required. To sign up for children’s

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Nature Notes: The Snakes of Fishers Island – Part II

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by Terry McNamara In last year’s newsletter we discussed the two most common snakes that you are likely to encounter on our island: the Northern Black Racer and the Eastern Garter Snake. There are two other species of snake that inhabit Fishers Island. You may have encountered the Eastern Ribbon Snake (Thamnophis s. sauritus). It

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The Snakes of Fishers Island – Part 1

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Nature Notes by Terry McNamara Northern Black Racer adult When you walk on Fishers Island during the summer months, you’re likely to encounter a snake or two in the fields or open woodlands. Turn over a few rocks, and you might find a few more. You’ll probably get no more than the briefest

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Battery Wooster, former site of two 8-inch disappearing guns, Fort Mansfield, Napatree Point, R.I. , circa 2011. Photo by John Leuba.


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