Backyard Birding Adventure

FAMILY PROGRAM Curious about the birds in your backyard? Learn how to use binoculars and identify some of our local birds. Then we’ll make a treat to bring home and feed our feathered friends.

Nature’s Recyclers

FAMILY PROGRAM What happens to nature’s trash? Learn about vultures, insects and other decomposers and the important role they play in our environment.

Owl Prowl

FAMILY PROGRAM Come dissect an owl pellet and meet a DPNC resident owl. Learn about the life cycles and amazing adaptations of these remarkable birds.


FAMILY PROGRAM Flowers come in an incredible array of shapes, sizes and colors. Students will have a chance to dissect a flower and learn the roles pollination plays in plant reproduction.

FIND 2024

A Week (5 DAYS) of Learning Programs from August 12-16 for young Island naturalists ages 5 to 10. The cost per participant is $400 for the week. To promote group cohesion and learning, we encourage all participants to attend all five sessions.

Creepers and Leapers

FAMILY PROGRAM Live frogs, snakes and salamanders provide an up-close introduction to the interesting adaptations of our native amphibians and reptiles.

Animal Rehabilitation Stories

FAMILY PROGRAM Discover the interesting and important work wildlife rehabilitators do to help injured animals!

Rock Cycle Ruckus

Henry L. Ferguson Museum 1109 Equestrian Ave, Fishers Island, NY, United States

FAMILY PROGRAM Rocks are amazing! Learn about the cycle they go through as they turn from sedimentary to metamorphic to igneous and back again by playing games and seeing lots of awesome rock samples!