Two Historic F.I. Leases Purchased by HLFM

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Two Historic F.I. Leases Purchased by HLFM by Pierce Rafferty It may come as a surprise to many that for much of its fabled history Fishers Island was an absentee-owned rental property. From the mid-1600s until the early 1810s, successive generations of island-owning Winthrops more often than not rented out all of Fishers Island

Archeological Exploration of Fishers Island

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Archeological Exploration of Fishers Island, New York. — H.L. Ferguson's 1935 monograph FOREWARD The archeology of an island close to the mainland must necessarily be of the same culture as that of the adjacent continental peoples, although a more or less isolated existence may have

Edwin H. Horning — an autobiography

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Edwin H. Horning Edwin H. Horning, who passed away on August 28, 2008, first came to Fishers Island as a school teacher in 1951. He joined the Board of Trustees of the H.L. Ferguson Museum at its inception in 1960 and became the Museum's third curator

James H. Lyles Ledger

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1877 Fishers Island Expense Account for James H. Lyles Trustee March 1877 – Sept 1889 This ledger book records land sales on Fishers Island beginning with the first sales in December 1876 and continuing until the sale of approximately 9/10ths of Fishers Island to the Fergusons in June 1889. It also contains


Young Eastern Painted Turtle on lily pad, the Peninsula, Darby’s Cove
Photograph by Terry McNamara

Fishers Island, Naturally


This year’s Annual Exhibition, complemented by two special exhibitions, celebrates the natural history of Fishers Island, primarily through the lens of contemporary photography, with a focus on both habitats and the diverse species that utilize and/or occupy them.

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