Seagrass and Society – Underwater Plants as a Critical Resource

Illustrated talk by Dr. Jamie Vaudrey

Hosted by HLFM director Pierce Rafferty

This recorded illustrated talk, presented August 14, 2022, is on Seagrass, the ribbon-like plant found rooted underwater along Fishers Island’s coasts that is a vital and vibrant resource for both marine animals and humans. Join us as we explore seagrass through the ages and chart a path forward to expanding acres of meadows and learn about the advantages this brings to the blue (ocean-based) economy of the Sounds.

Underwater meadows formed of seagrass are found where water quality is good, and the water around Fishers Island hosts some of the best seagrass meadows in Long Island Sound and Fishers Island Sound. These meadows are nursery grounds and a source of food for many marine animals, reduce the energy of waves reaching the coastline, and store carbon, alleviating the impact of climate change.

Jamie Vaudrey, Ph.D.

Dr. Vaudrey received a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Philosophy from Wellesley College, MA and a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of Connecticut. She is currently research faculty in the Department of Marines Sciences at UConn. She has recently been the UConn lead for establishing a National Estuarine Research Reserve in Connecticut, which opened its door in July 2022.