James S. Casey’s cottage and photography studio, Fishers Island, N.Y., circa 1918. This cottage is today painted a distinctive blue and sits at the base of the hill across from the former Grebe/Stern house.

James S. Casey: Fishers Island’s First Resident Photographer

James S. Casey, Fishers Island’s first resident photographer, lived in and worked out of the cottage pictured here from the late 1870s until his death in 1918. However, most of his surviving photographs date from the 1890s. Note the “Photographers” tin sign on roof at right, and the “For Sale” sign near the front door. After his death, his equipment and glass negatives were bought out by G.L. Thompson who operated his studio out of today’s Gold ‘n Silver Shop, then known as the Photographer’s Building. Mr. Thompson published many of Mr. Casey’s photographs as postcards under the G.L. Thompson name.

(All photos by Mr. Casey)