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In his virtual illustrated talk, seabird biologist Adam DiNuovo will discuss how banding reveals the remarkable lives of birds and helps us in our conservation efforts. He will use birds from all over the US as examples, including two species nesting in the northeast.

Adam DiNuovo has been working with seabirds and shorebirds for the last 20 years. Projects have included California Least Terns in San Diego, Piping Plover in the Gulf of Mexico, and American Oystercatchers in VA. He is currently working with seabirds in the Gulf of ME.

Sunday, August 22, 2021.

Time: 4 p.m.

Virtual Program.

Audubon biologist Adam DiNuovo and a volunteer carefully apply a leg band to a black skimmer chick. Photo by Jean Hall

Black Skimmer banded in 2017. Photo by Jean Hall.

Black Skimmer banded in 2017 with a new chick. Photo by Jean Hall.