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Honeysuckle Two species of honeysuckles have been growing in this location. The leggy bush, which is growing closer to the road, is Morrow's honeysuckle. Growing within the interior of this plot, is the vine honeysuckle, which has a paper-like bark and gold and silver flowers. Both are non-native and invasive. However, these honeysuckles

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Glossy buckthorn

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Glossy buckthorn Glossy buckthorn has been growing on Fishers Island for so long that most people think that it is a native - but it isn't. Growing throughout Eurasia and northern Africa, buckthorn was brought to the US during the1800s and planted as an ornamental and windbreak. It is a significant conservation problem.

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English ivy vines

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English ivy (Hedera helix) Associated with legacy and prestige, English ivy has become one of the most prominent invasive plants in forests, especially near the coasts. As it has here, this exotic plant forms thick mats of groundcover, known as "ivy deserts", where other plants seem unable to compete. The mat blocks natural

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Vascular Plant Diversity Study

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2005 Nature Notes Fishers Island has been included in a fascinating article by Robert T. McMaster appearing in the Journal of Biogeography. The study investigated factors influencing vascular plant diversity on 22 islands off the coast of eastern North America.

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F.I. Sketchbook 2005


In the full sweep of Fishers Island’s history, there is no artist more synonymous, more closely associated with Fishers Island than Charles B. “Charlie” Ferguson. The main show features images from two of Charlie's sketchbooks which functioned as illustrated diaries that were filled with daily activities, nature observations, personal notes, and lots of art—drawings, sketches, and watercolors—in various states of completion.

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