In Gardens We Trust: A Fishers Island Native Plant Chat

Presented at the Museum, May 25, 2024 by FISM Coordinator, Hannah Vagts and guest speakers:
Terry McNamara, Dr. Adam Mitchell, Diana Fiske, and Dianne Crary

By understanding the impact of our actions on land, we can make a significant difference. Non-native plants often require extra maintenance, like fertilizer and pesticides, which can harm our delicate ecosystem. Fishers Island’s sandy, porous soil does not retain these chemicals once applied; instead, they flow into our waters. Fertilizer runoff is a significant source of nitrogen pollution that damages marine habitats and creates algal blooms. The fertilizer and pesticides that do not run into the water damage soil quality and harm native insects. Planting native is an easy win for our entire ecosystem.

This event was sponsored by
Fishers Island Conservancy and the Henry L. Ferguson Museum

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Presentation Intro by
Hannah Vagts