It has helped bring to life a period when actual pirates terrorized Fishers Island. Many thanks to the Leuchtenburgs for this thoughtful and generous gift.

A Treasure Chest

One of the most extraordinary gifts received by the Museum in recent years is an antique iron treasure chest that is featured beneath the “Pirates of Fishers Island” display at the Museum.

It was donated by Tamara and Josh Leuchtenburg from the collection of her father, Dr. Wilbur James (“Jim”) Gould. The plaque attached to the chest indicates that it is of English make from the early 1700s and that it was found on Gardiners Island by Captain Biru of Sag Harbor. However, there is some evidence that it may be older, circa 1650, and of German origin. What is clear is that countless visitors, children and adults alike, have thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful chest.