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The Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition will convene its winter meeting in March to discuss strategy and messaging to educate NY and CT boaters about seagrass-safe boating. This will include lively discussions on the elements to include in the outreach and how to engage people with the mission.

WHEN: Friday, March 3, 2023, 12:00-1:30 pm
WHERE: Zoom – email fishersislandseagrass@gmail.com for the invite information
WHO: All members of the community are welcome! Non-coalition members will be observers and have the opportunity to comment at the end of the meeting.

The FISM Coalition’s community-led effort to Save Our Seagrass encompasses a goal to reduce the physical damage caused by recreational boaters around the island. Since boating damage rarely occurs in the same location and frequently creates bare patches in eelgrass beds, the cumulative damage to our Fishers Island eelgrass is extensive.

To learn more about how boating can damage eelgrass; please visit the FISM website:

Also, an exciting new Eelgrass Collaborative Network is forming, and the FISM Coalition will be part of that group. So come to the meeting to learn how this new group will help us achieve our goals!

Photo by Sally Wakeman

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