Plastic in the water, on the land and IN you!: Fighting pollution on Fishers Island and Beyond

by Beyond Plastics policy director Megan J. Wolff, Ph.D. MPH

Hosted by HLFM director Pierce Rafferty

Plastic pollution is a bad neighbor. As plastic breaks up into microplastics it disperses into the environment. Researchers are finding plastic particles almost everywhere they look, including inside the human body. What are the impacts of these plastics, and what can we do to stop them?

In this recorded illustrated talk, presented at the Museum October 8, 2023, Megan J. Wolff, Ph.D. MPH, addresses what we can each do to reduce consumption and exposure to plastics. As to wider political solutions, Dr. Wolff discusses the exciting legislation pending in New York State that dramatically reduces plastic pollution.

A joint Fishers Island Conservancy and HLF Museum Program

Beyond Plastics policy director Megan J. Wolff, Ph.D. MPH

Michele Klimczak, F.I. Conservancy’s Coastal Debris Coordinator, November 2020.
Photograph by Ian Lockey

Michele removes literally tons of trash from our beaches each year.
Many thanks to her and the Fishers Island Conservancy!