ELECTRICITY: The Past, Present & Possible Future of Power Generation and Distribution on Fishers Island

This recorded illustrated talk by Museum Director Pierce Rafferty surveys the past, examines the present, and looks toward the future of this integral component of life on Fishers Island.

This illustrated talk was first presented by Pierce at the Museum on August 27, 2023 and was re-recorded September 5, 2023. A section was added relating to parallel generation requests made in 2009 and 2022.

Energy resource mix for New England grid that supplies Fishers Island through Groton Utilities cable:

Electricity is part 2 of a of three-part series documenting utilities on Fishers Island.

Fishers Island Electric Co. workers tending to diesel generator in the Power Plant overlooking West Harbor, circa 1951.
Courtesy of Mary Pankiewicz.
Four diesel-powered Nordberg generators provided Fishers Island with locally generated power from 1941 to 1962.

Fisher’s Island Electric Heat & Power Co. Bill, 1899.

Fishers Island’s Electric Power Plant and Ice House, circa 1917.