On March 21 Carolyn Ross spotted an osprey on the Middle Farms nest. We checked the video archive and confirmed that a female landed at 6:45 AM with a male osprey landing moments later. During the first half hour the osprey remained on separate sides of the nest. PLEASE NOTE: We had technical difficulties with the audio during the first days of the osprey return.

Around 7:19 AM on March 21st, the male began to challenge the female, and eventually chases her off the nest.

Minutes after the battle on the nest, another battle takes place.

Two osprey return at 7:55 AM without incident for the first few minutes, but then around 8:00 AM, the male chases the female to the other side of the nest – then off again.

NEST TENDING: Around 8:15 AM, the male osprey returns with seaweed and begins to tend the nest. The female returns shortly after and the male chases her off again, but she appears to circle back and land on camera.

The male osprey attempts to chase the female off the camera and another fight ensues for the nest. This time it seems the female may have prevailed.

A half hour later the battle continues at Middle Farms nest . . .