Charlie Tracking

Charlie Tracking Sept 25 – Dec 13

On September 25, 2015, after 6 days of migration, Charlie was last tracked along the southern shoreline of Florida, before his data went “dark”.

It is unclear where he was from September 26 to November 10, but on December 13, we started receiving more data, and the following is a brief update:

Nov 11 to Dec 3 ~ Charlie’s data was picked up again along the banks of Presa Jimaguayu (reservoir) in Camaguey Cuba.


Camaguey Cuba

November 11 – Dec 3 ~ Camaguey Cuba

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Presa Jimaguayu

Presa Jimaguayu (reservoir)


On Dec 3, Charlie continued southeast to Granma Cuba and spent the night along Rio Buey, then visited other waterways further east from Santiago de Cuba, Holguin, and Guantanamo through December 8.

Charlie Tracking

Charlie Tracking Dec 3 – 8

On December 9, Charlie headed south to Haiti and continued east to reach the Domincan Republic on December 13.

Charlie Tracking

Dec 9-13 Haiti and Dominican Republic