The Henry L. Ferguson Museum



JOB TITLE: Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coordinator

SALARY RANGE: $25 – $30/hour commensurate with qualifications and experience

REPORTS TO: Executive Director, H.L. Ferguson Museum

CONTRACT: Part-time, 12 months (extendable dependent on funding and performance)

LOCATION: Fishers Island, New York


Henry L. Ferguson Museum

Since its inception in 1960, the Ferguson Museum has worked to protect habitat for the flora and fauna of Fishers Island, New York. Today, the Museum serves as an anchor institution in the island’s community. Building upon the foundation of these two roles, the Ferguson Museum is working to bring the Fishers Island community together to protect and manage its unique seagrass ecosystem, a threatened but enduring and ecologically significant common-trust natural resource essential to sustaining marine biodiversity, and the livelihood and well-being of all islanders. The Museum has protected habitat through its growing Land Trust, its natural history exhibits, and its environmental education programs. Now, the Museum is furthering its conservation mission by promoting and facilitating community participation in the co-management of its seagrass ecosystem.

Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition

The Fishers Island Seagrass Management (FISM) Coalition is comprised of community representatives from Fishers Island institutions including the H.L. Ferguson Museum, Fishers Island Conservancy, Town of Southold, Island Community Board, Fishers Island Development Corporation, Fishers Island Club, Hay Harbor Club, Fishers Island Yacht Club, Harbor Committee, Fishers Island School, Pirates Cove Marina, and Fishers Island Ferry District, as well as from the following groups: commercial and recreational fishing, aquaculture, contracted ferries, landscapers, and divers.

The goal of the FISM Coalition is to establish a community-based conservation program to protect and manage the island’s seagrass meadows. Through joint investigation, the co-production of knowledge, shared learning, communication and building trust, the FISM Coalition seeks to align the community on seagrass management goals and develop and implement well-supported actions. Where applicable, the coalition will partner with state and local government or other entities to carry out specific recommendations.


The FISM Project Coordinator is multi-faceted role involving capacity building, community engagement, and marine resource management planning, education, monitoring and data management. Under supervision of the Executive Director of the H.L. Ferguson Museum, the FISM Coordinator is responsible for providing organizational, management and administrative support to advance the FISM Coalition’s seagrass conservation and community engagement activities. Working closely with the FISM Coalition chairs and partners, the Coordinator will increase public awareness of the importance of the Fishers Island seagrass ecosystem, threats to its persistence and solutions to increase both seagrass and community resilience. They will facilitate communication among FISM partners and work towards the development and implementation of an island-wide seagrass management plan. They will keep the FISM stakeholders and partners well informed and on track in moving forward through the process to assess and understand seagrass management issues, and come to agreement on, and build support for, local management actions to protect seagrass. The Coordinator will coordinate the implementation of agreed to actions, which may require development of educational or outreach materials, the application and securing of permits, and forming needed relationships and partnerships. To inform management actions and measure their effectiveness, the Coordinator will oversee the implementation of existing community-based water quality (URI Watershed Watch) and human uses monitoring (MPA Watch) programs on the island. The Coordinator will be based in the island community to build on the local knowledge and assets the community brings as well as understand the unique challenges of Fishers Island.

Key Functions

  • Build interest and broad support for a collaborative approach to marine resource management that aligns community, town and state seagrass management goals/objectives for Fishers Island through a collaborative participation and decision-making process
  • Coordinate and co-lead the ongoing work program of the FISM Coalition – comprised of multiple, community-based stakeholders.
  • Promote the development, adoption and implementation of community-based policies and practices that protect Fishers Island seagrass ecosystem.
  • Develop and implement educational programs to promote best practices in boater and fertilizer uses.


  1. Coordinate and manage overall FISM Coalition work, including organizing, convening and facilitating regular Coalition meetings, to ensure it is focused on delivering its vision for healthy, productive and effectively managed seagrass meadows around Fishers Island. Provide administrative support, manage timelines to meet objectives, and make recommendations to the Coalition to ensure the effective running of the Coalition and associated working groups and communication with partners.
  2. Help facilitate the FISM Coalition to collaboratively update and refine a seagrass management plan for the island. This includes facilitating regular meetings with the Coalition, developing materials for each meeting and holding check-in calls with the Coalition co-chairs.
  3. Develop and lead programs to implement agreed-to actions found in the plan for protection of the Island’s seagrass meadows. Initially, these actions revolve around educational and awareness campaigns concerning fertilizer use and boating behaviors.
  4. Lead the implementation of quality-assured FISM monitoring and evaluation programs, including data management and reporting systems. Work with the Fishers Island Conservancy to recruit, train, mobilize and supervise volunteers to build monitoring, data management and learning capacity of FISM partners and the island-wide community
  5. Maintain a productive and positive relationship between the Coalition, co-management partners, volunteers and the island community
  6. Coordinate and support FISM planning, communications, monitoring, outreach and fundraising initiatives, including preparation of presentations, outreach materials, grant proposals, memos and other communications
  7. Develop and maintain a network of professional, academic and business contacts and partnerships on and off the island to support FISM objectives
  8. In partnership with the Museum, lead the development and administration of sustainable funding for seagrass management at Fishers Island
  9. Keep up to date with relevant marine conservation developments and initiatives
  10. Interpret policies, data and other information for non-scientific audiences
  11. Represent the FISM Coalition at regional meetings and conferences as required, as funds allow



  • A personal commitment to conserving and restoring marine and coastal natural resources
  • An academic degree in a relevant discipline, or a combination of education and practical experience and knowledge in the environmental conservation, education or management sector
  • Strong organizational and project management skills and experience
  • Administrative, planning and group facilitation skills and experience
  • Ability to diplomatically maintain professional, productive relationships with diverse stakeholders
  • Knowledge and understanding of current marine conservation issues, policy and management
  • Practical understanding of environmental resource monitoring and research, data analysis and management methods; and, demonstrated experience designing, implementing, leading and managing quantitative and qualitative ecological or social science monitoring or research projects
  • Computer savvy and competent user of Microsoft Office and other software packages
  • Excellent listening, written and oral communication skills and the ability to professionally and confidently represent the FISM Coalition in person and via broadcast, print and social media.
  • The ability to communicate effectively in-person, and via Zoom, phone and email to individuals, small groups and large groups.
  • An adaptable self-starter able to enthuse and motivate volunteers, the wider island community and partners
  • Keen awareness of office and fieldwork health and safety issues and the ability to think and act quickly when confronted with emergencies
  • Willing and able to commute daily via ferry to Fishers Island or live on the island, and to travel domestically
  • Valid driver’s license, and clean driving record


  • Experience in leading community-based engagement, working with multi-stakeholder, partnership-based initiatives, managing multi-actor dynamics, and/or leading environmental awareness or education programs.
  • Knowledge of Long Island Sound conservation challenges and associated U.S. state and regional policies
  • Understanding and appreciation of small, island-based cultures
  • Grant writing, management and reporting experience
  • Experience with writing and implementing natural resources management plans
  • Experience with ArcGIS
  • First Aid and CPR Certification
  • Experience working in the NGO and/or government sectors
  • Experience working with broadcast, print and social media and journalists


  • Length of Contract: 12 months, extendable depending on funding and performance
  • Probation period: 3 months
  • Annual Leave: 6 days
  • Hours of Work: regularly, 24 hours per week; may require working during some weekends and evenings
  • Location: H.L. Ferguson Museum, Fishers Island, New York with occasional regional travel. The candidate is expected to be resident on Fishers Island or able to commute to Fishers Island as needed. Much of the work can be done from a home office. For an off-island candidate, a stipend may be provided to reduce the cost of commuting by ferry from New London, CT or Noank, CT.


Please send your resume, a cover letter detailing how you meet the requirements for the position, and contact information for 3 professional references to: by June 1, 2022.

Funding for this position is provided by the New York Land Trust Alliance, a private foundation, with additional support from the H.L. Ferguson Museum.

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